Sunday, April 29, 2007

Boat Stories and Art

A few weeks ago I sent an email to Robert Genn of ‘The Painter’s Keys’ website responding to an article he had written about boats and art. In response to that story I received the following email.

Dear TJ:

Jeffrey Briggs here. I'm the editor of a boating magazine called Pacific Yachting PNW, based in Seattle, Washington, USA. I've recently been in touch with Robert Genn, of "The Painter's Keys" website, about adapting one of his bi-weekly serials, "Boat Stories," for a feature article in the magazine. Robert has given his permission to my project.

The feature story would combine the thoughtful responses of the artists who wrote in on the subject with illustrative samples of their marine and boat-related art. The short essays - some funny, some meditative, some straight forward - would become a montage of the nature of art and the enduring quality of boats that make them a natural subject for so many artists. The words would be illustrated by the artist' work.

You were one of the artists who responded to Robert. I seek permission to use your words (and others if you would like to elaborate on the subject) and to get a high resolution digital image of one of your marine paintings to illustrate them. Each artists' entry would include name and contact information.

I also run a Contributors column each issue. I would plan on dedicating it to the "Boat Stories" artists. My present plan is to run "Boat Stories" as a feature in the September/October issue of Pacific Yachting PNW.

Best Regards,
Jeffrey D. Briggs, Editor
Pacific Yachting PNW
Note from TJ: I await the September/October publication of Pacific Yachting PNW with interest.

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