Thursday, October 25, 2007

A walk in The Park Of Nations

A walk in The Park Of Nations (115cm x 75cm approx.)

I Have decided to put one of my own latest paintings up today for perusal. It's for a potential joint international exhibition here in Spain yet to be confirmed.

It's based on a walk I made recently through my local park in Torrevieja. The park in question is called 'The Park of Nations' and depicts the multi-cultural city in which I live. The small lake in the middle of the park is shaped like the map of Europe and the visiting families can take a boat out on the water and 'circumnavigate' Europe in about five minutes without getting seasick! Often used for concerts and events, it is a wonderful mix of languages, culture and a riot of colours which I find most pleasing to the eye.

I tried to capture the vibrancy and movement of the park in this painting as I felt it while out walking. As usual, the photo doesn't really do it any justice as it's more of a three dimensional piece, and therefore best seen in the flesh.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Flowers in NYC - Artist Marj Vetter

Got this lovely bright picture from Marj Vetter, a friend and fellow artist from Alberta, Canada. Taken from a photograph on a recent trip to the Big Apple. I love the angular look of the buildings and, of course, the colours jumping out of such an urban scene. It just goes to show there can be quiet, tranquil corners in such a major bustling city.

As Marj says - "There's no reason not to have flowers in your home when you live in that city."

Link to Marj Vetter - Check out her other work here.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Vibrant African Art

link to Kudakwashe Gavi

I received an email from an African artist - Kudakwashe Gavi - today looking for advice as he prepares to exhibit outside Africa for the first time. I have pasted his email and my answer, along with one of his excellent images here. His work is wonderful. I think he will go far!

Hallo TJ Miles

My name is kudakwashe, I am a young artist from Zimbabwe in the southern part of Africa,but now I am based in cape town south Africa. Marion Zimmerman gave me your details, she told me that you had an exhibition in June, how did it go? I hope it was good.

The reason I'm writing is that I am looking for an artist that has exhibited at The Marziart Gallery in Germany to critique my work and maybe give me some advice on what to improve or to work on.

I will be exhibiting at Marziart studios next year in October and it will be my first solo exhibition, I am very excited. I have attached some artworks for you to look at. Please, I'm asking you to help me build my art. I will be happy to hear from you, I'm also looking forward to your reply. I was on your website and must say your work is amazing.

Kind regards from Africa

Kudakwashe Gavi

Hello Kudakwashe
Many thanks for your kind comments about my work. My exhibition went extremely well, with a number of sales during the month. Well worth the effort.
I can recommend Hamburg as a city worth visiting if you are planning to go, and Marion will make you feel extremely welcome I'm sure. I think you will have a very successful exhibition with your wonderful paintings.
I don't think you need any advice with the quality of painting you are producing. You have a great mix of colours and movement, and both mixed together create a vibrancy that is exciting to look at. I really like them, especially as colour is my thing.
I think Marion will be thrilled to exhibit your highly evocative artwork.

Good luck for the exhibition next year!!
Let me know how it goes.
Best wishes

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The loss of a dear friend

I lost a dear, old friend this week in a road traffic accident. An adventurer and man of strong and generous character, Bernard Fison will be dreadfully missed by many. I felt moved to write a poem as a reminder of our travels together. A loss deeply felt.


It rained today.
We’d talked
of art trips down to Spain,
the wine we’d drink,
the bread we’d share.
The easels sit anticipating
in the corner now unused.
It rained today.
My world is smaller than before.
What colours we saw
when we sailed north,
hues of blue and green and pink,
in the same sky
at the same time.
And all the while
the music played.
The lark ascending
lifted our hearts and spirits.
Singing, as you played
the grand piano,
made grander still
while you were here.
I’ll play the song
just one more time,
and reminisce
the laughter shared.
It rained today.
The clouds are full.
I’ll paint the colours,
and remember.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The rain in Spain - again!

I really must make time for this blog. I keep putting it back and back on my list of priorities as work piles up and deadlines approach. I was so exhausted the other day that we decided that we would go to an isolated hotel inland just to rest for a night.
The Cenajo Hotel is set amid beautiful mountain scenery and beside the Cenajo Dam (hence the name). Very Italianate in design, it reminded me a little of Portmeirion in Wales - where 'The Prisoner' was filmed. The nearest village was 25 kilometres away.
About an hour after our arrival it began to rain. It rained, and rained and rained and rained, and this was only punctuated by thunder and lightning in between the rain. The photo of the front of the hotel is taken from the restaurant door which was across the striking courtyard.
A great spot to rest and relax as there is nothing to do but eat and drink and sleep, which was perfect for me on this brief trip. If the weather is more clement there are lovely walks and free use of bicycles, indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, gym etc.
But at least I've caught up on my sleep a bit and am back to work a little perkier than I was last week. I can recommend it, and hope to go again soon.