Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Just a reminder that the painting weekends to the cave houses of Galera, Andalucia are now operational. If anyone is interested in finding out more just click on the link here -

Also if anyone is interested in week long painting holidays on the Costa Blanca please get in touch by email as the website is still under construction. When the website is complete you can visit it at this link -

In the meantime click on it and store the address for your future reference.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I have finally made it back to Ireland with my new paintings for the exhibitions in Dublin and subsequently Cyprus in the following days. Sorry for not updating this blog, but I now write a weekly blog for an ex-pat magazine called, strangely enough, The Xpat Magazine.

Hope you like my meanderings, around Spain, and my head.

Here are some images - one from the exhibition, one of my life drawings and one of me posing for a magazine article at my studio. I know, I know - all the world's a stage etc. etc.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


' Deflated Dreams' - 8"x 24" SOLD

I have been working on new paintings for my up-coming exhibitions in Dublin and Cyprus in October. Haven't finalised what is going where yet, but I thought I would let you see a couple of them anyway.
Hope you enjoy.

The Gilded Cage - 8"x 24" SOLD

'Almost No Limit' - 18"x 24" SOLD

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I finally took time out of my busy schedule to visit the salt lake in Torrevieja this week. Just a short stroll from my studio, and visible from the top of the house. Down by the waters edge a crowd of mud people gathered like extras from a Star Wars movie. Everyone was caked in the stuff. Some with mud around their swollen joints, some from throat to gusset, while one lady of former Soviet states origin - going by the accent - had the novel idea to take all her clothes off, slap on a thick oozing organic bikini and proceeded to stand with her arm and legs flung to the four corners of the earth seemingly to offer an all encompassing bear hug to anyone walking within her grab range.

This was all very well until - a) she stood still until the mud dried and she tried to move, creating fissures between north and south that would have made the ‘Rift Valley Conservation Team’ proud, or - b) she waded wide legged into the water and the twin muddy peaks of Kilimanjaro slowly slid down her navel to join the now equally viscous map of Eurasia working its way towards her kneecaps. A sight imprinted on my memory forever.

If you have never been to the salt lake, I would recommend it thoroughly. Accessible through various holes in the fence around its perimeter, make your way to the waters edge, and make sure you have tie on shoes as they tend to float away otherwise. I don’t recommend trying to stand up on the salt crystals without them. Feels like walking on broken glass - I wonder is that where Annie Lennox got the idea for the song…..?

Anyway, back to the instructions - place a blow up air travel cushion around your neck, inflated of course, and slowly lie back in the water. The lake is so full of salt and minerals that you float without effort and can let the stresses and strains of the day disappear along with all the money you forgot to take out of your pockets before you got in. By all means take a book, but I-pods are not advised as you may inadvertently create a circuit between you, your batteries and the salts, and slowly fry your grey matter while listening to the mating calls of south Pacific whales. Who needs all this expensive, alternative dark tank therapy when you have everything right here on your doorstep? If you want the dark part just use the old blackout eye mask that probably came in the same package as the blow up air travel cushion. See? Easy peasy!

Word of warning though! Make sure you check wind direction before you lie down or you may end up at San Miguel de Salinas or, worse still, sucked up into one of the barges scraping the salt from the lake bed to send to those poor people in northern Europe to put on their roads in the winter. I didn’t check the wind direction of course, and ended up with a three kilometre hike back home with a deflated cushion round my neck, an eye patch skewed over one eye and an ear, a talcum powder coating of salt covering me from head to toe and strange but enticing looks from the girls on the roundabouts. Not recommended, but friends said my skin glowed beautifully for days afterwards.

The only downside to lake bathing? Shaving. If you have had a shave within twenty four hours of going in, by God you’ll know about it! It’s like dipping you head in a bucket of Fahrenheit aftershave. Your skin starts to turn the same colour as the water and feels like you have just applied a fresh lava facemask. It’s no wonder the flamingos are the shade they are!
God help ladies who depilate!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The rain in Spain - and the rest!!


The thunderstorm had been building all day and the broody skies were threatening as darkness fell over the city.

The yellow streetlight glow was punctuated by super-bright forks and flashes for at least an hour. The roar of the thunder was all-surrounding and ultimately awful.

I stood outside in the warm rain and clicked, clicked, clicked away with the camera until I finally captured the images you see here.

The power of nature at full force.

Well worth the effort!


It was such a lovely evening yesterday that I decided to take a trip on my trusty rusty bicycle down onto Torrevieja seafront. The sun was about to say it's daily farewells, taking with it the worst of the summer heat.

I had heard that the new marina had a couple of newly opened bars and decided to give them the benefit of my experience. From the waterside they all looked pretty much the same, so I went for the one that had the most comfy seats, tied up my steed, and relaxed in a pool of sweat until the bartender passed me the much needed artificial relaxant.

It struck me that something we don't have as a rule here on the Costa Blanca is a sunset over the sea, since we more or less face eastwards. So it was a pleasant surprise to see that, as we were on the outer arm of the breakwater we could look back over the town and watch the sun go down, while it's reflections were shimmering over the Mediterranean sea - albeit in the harbour. It was stunning. I remarked that it felt as good as being on the Côte d’Azur, only better, because I actually lived here! I watched it until my corneas were irreparably damaged.

The sun was almost gone when I realised that I had forgotten my lights to wend my way safely home again afterwards. So I came up with a surreal idea to wait until the sun was just about to dip over the horizon, therefore at it's weakest and unable to fight back, and capture it in my bicycle basket to help me see in the dark on the way home. It worked! After a few more drinks and tall tales I slowly headed for home in a snake-like fashion. With my way so well illuminated I made it back in one piece, and released the sun back into the wild as soon as I got home.

I would like to point out that no constellations were put unduly at risk in the telling of this story.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I received word today that one of my paintings was stolen from the 'White Image' gallery in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland (just outside Belfast for those that don't know it).

Title: 'One of the multitude'
Size: 18" x 24" (45cm x 60cm approx.) plus gilt frame with white slip
Price: 2000.00 Euros (£1350.00)

The police have been informed and are dealing.

Gallery details : White Image Gallery
34 Lisburn Street
Tel: 028 9268 9896
Email: info@whiteimage.com
website: http://whiteimage.com/

If anyone comes across it, or are offered it for sale, please inform me or the gallery concerned immediately.

Thank you all for your assistance.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Invites are currently winging their way around the country for quite possibly the party of the year, here on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's
82nd birthday party no less!

As mentioned in previous blog entries, I was commissioned to paint a picture representing a modern, forward looking Britain with an emphasis on music and multiculturalism. I created a surrealistic scene of different ethnic groups coming under the umbrella (quite literally in this case) of British nationality. All in celebration of diversity and acceptance within todays society.


With an obvious play on words, the umbrellas seem to be raining down on the people and the levitating musical instruments. In this case of course, the 'reigning' relates to the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

The painting will be on show on the evening of the party and I shall be in attendance. I look forward to meeting anyone interested in knowing more.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dali & Me

Cadaques - May 2008

No words - just pictures

Another in the life series...

Here is another in the series of nudes I am undertaking at the moment. I like the idea of lines defining the images, and a certain rough spontaneity of quick 15 or 30 minute sketches.

Sitting nude - Charcoal on paper - 12" x 20"

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Life series continued...

Another couple of the latest life series I am working on. This time in charcoal. Hope you like them. They are all for sale by the way - just contact me by email for details.

Reclining nude - charcoal on paper - 8" x 16"

Hip raised nude - charcoal on paper - 8" x 16"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Better late than never....

Apologies yet again for not updating before this. I have been working on an important commission piece for the last three weeks solid, as well as finally succumbing to requests to start art classes for my fellow artists here in Spain.

The commission is now finished and I will hold off until the official unveiling before exhibiting it here for you all.

I thought that I should put something up for you to look at today to prove that I have been working. It's one of a series of nudes I am presently working on.

Green Nude - pastel on paper - 12" x 16"

In the meantime, anyone interested in adult art classes in the southern Costa Blanca - the TJ way - please don't hesitate to contact me by email initially for more details.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Press release March 2008


Local business woman Mary Blake, who owns the Horizon Beauty Centre in Tuam, Galway, Ireland (tel: 093-28685), was astounded to be informed recently that she had succeeded, over hundreds of other entrants, to win a coveted original painting worth 2000 euros, by Irish born artist TJ Miles. Already a TJ Miles collector, Mary entered a competition to win the artwork in the leading homes and lifestyle magazine - ‘Ireland’s Homes, Interiors & Living’ in which TJ Miles was the March issue’s ‘Artist of the Month‘.

The prize was even further highlighted by the artist flying in, from his home and studio in Spain, to deliver the artwork in person. Mary said “I’m absolutely thrilled to win this painting, it’s a wonderful addition to my personal art collection.”
Note from TJ - 'Mary, hope you enjoy the painting for many years to come!'

Monday, March 24, 2008

Yet another TJ Miles Corporate Collector


While passing through County Clare on my regular trip round Ireland I received a request to call with Muriel and Matt Sherlock, owners of the Kincora Hall Hotel, Killaloe, after they had seen my recent article in 'Ireland's Homes, Interiors and Living' Magazine.
I am pleased to say that I can now count them among my corporate collectors, and wish them good luck for the future with the business.

Link to Kincora Hall Hotel

Many thanks Muriel and Matt.
I hope you and your guests enjoy the painting.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Corporate Collector for TJ Miles

I have just heard this week that I have a new corporate collector. VHI Ireland - the leading healthcare insurance provider in Ireland - has just purchased a number of my paintings for their Cork branch. Many thanks for your support, it is always welcome when the corporate sector takes notice of an artist's work.

5 star accomodation in Dingle, Ireland

Link to 'Castlewood House B&B, Dingle, Ireland'

Whilst back in Ireland with new works for all my representing galleries, I had occasion to stop in the breathtaking village of Dingle on the west coast of Ireland. I came across a fantastic bed and breakfast called 'Castlewood House'. Although it is officially a bed and breakfast (5 stars), I believe it is more accurate to think of it as the equivalent of the latest boutique style hotels you get in major cities at the moment. Stunning themed rooms, jacuzzi baths, artworks galore on every wall, all the extras you could wish for, and to top it all - unbelievable breakfasts that deserve to be michelin starred. Give it a try if you are in the area.

Thanks Helen and Brian, I will be back soon.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Featured Artist of the Month - TJ Miles

This week saw the launch of the March 2008 edition of Irelands leading homes and lifestyle magazine - 'Irelands Homes, Interiors and Living'.

I am featured 'Artist of the Month' with a four page spread on me and my work. In all good bookshops now. There is also a competition to win one of my original paintings worth 2000 euros, being held in conjunction with the magazine, if anyone is interested in entering.

International Inaugural Success!!

The opening of the 'take 5' exhibition was attended by well over 200 people from what seemed to be at least seven or eight different nationalities, going by the languages spoken. Two Spanish Television companies arrived along with representatives from the Torrevieja Ajuntamiento, and there were reporters from at least five international newspapers that interviewed me personally, never mind the rest of the artists. My thanks goes to Elizabeth Bell who attended as a representative of the British Consul Juliet Maric, who unfortunately couldn't make it on the night.

Thankfully the newpaper interviews were in English, but I am afraid my interview with the Spanish TV might be better left on the shelf, given my still, quite poor, grasp of the language.

All in all, I think it is fair to declare the inauguration a great success. The momentum has continued building with a constant stream of interested people coming in each day since, wanting to meet the artists involved. Although there is a consierge in attendance for the whole exposicion, all artists have agreed to attend at least some part of each day in order to answer any questions posed by curious members of the public.

The show will continue for another 4 weeks approximately. Opening hours should be (Town Hall permitting!) from 11am - 2pm, and 5pm - 8pm, Tuesday to Sunday (closed Mondays). Please feel free to come along and introduce yourselves to the artist on the day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Change in the Line-up for 'take 5'


It is with regret that two of the artists due to exhibit in the 'take 5' exposicion - husband and wife team, Ricardo Hanna and Gabriela Navarré - have had to pull out at the last minute due to personal reasons. However, I am pleased to inform you that I have found two Spanish artists of high calibre to replace them at short notice.

Antonio N Serralta and Rosa Fernanda Sanchez have both had exposicions in Torrevieja in 2007. In fact, I was so impressed with their paintings at the time, that I made a note of their contact details at the exhibitions with a view of purchasing something from each for my own personal collection at a later date.

Both were extremely helpful and understanding at such a late stage in the proceedings and have worked wonders over the last two days in the run up to the opening tonight.

Click on the link to the 'take 5' webpage for more details of each artist and some samples of their paintings.

Doors open 6.30pm. Hope to see you all there.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Here are another couple of pictures earmarked for the 'take 5' exposicion. Hope you all like them - one is a panoramic version of my trademark style of quirky landscape.
'Memories of Home' 120cm x 40cm

The other is also in my usual style, but this time I have created it as a mosaic from broken tiles. Quite an interesting challenge, and something I quite enjoyed doing, especially when it was so different from painting.

'Mosaic of Life' 30cm x 30cm

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Just a quick reminder to you all of the dates
for the 'take 5' exposicion in 2008.

Inauguration date is now -

Wednesday 13 February 2008

Exposicion runs from 13 February - 23 March 2008

Wine Reception 6.30pm on Wednesday 13 February

Friday, January 18, 2008

New paintings for 'take 5' exposicion

‘Seascape on a windy day’

I have always been a great fan of vibrant colour and vivacity. Sometimes though, the colours alone are not enough to represent the movement and force of nature for me. The wind and sea are not a fixed thing. This is especially true, and all the more relevant on a boat, when you realize that you are only a tiny little dot in the vast expanse of nature. Here I wanted to show a scene of pure movement and force, and therefore emphasised this with fast moving clouds and waves crashing around the rugged coastline, threatening to break out of the picture.

‘Regatta day’

Again vibrant colours and heavy textures are singing their songs in a celebration of life. I have always loved that feeling of anticipation when coming into harbour for the first time. Especially if it’s for a day of celebration with other like minded people. Coming from an island nation where you are never more than 50 miles from the sea, instils something in the blood. A blood that is made up of much history and many nationalities. The Vikings, Normans, English, Spanish, and many others besides are all part of my DNA.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ceol na Mara (Music of the sea)

Here is a painting I have been working on for my latest exhibition in Spain. It's called 'Ceol na Mara' (Gaelic for Music of the sea). You can see it in the flesh so to speak at the inauguration at the RENFE Sala de Exposiciones in Torrevieja on the 13th February - see below for location map, GPS co-ordinates etc. Hope to see you there.