Sunday, June 13, 2010


Another exhibition, another Dollar. Now back from Turkey and working flat out on my next exhibition which is to be in......wait for it.........yes, Turkey. Coming hot on the heels of the last one, I was asked to set up another, larger exhibition of my work in downtown Alanya, by an art collector met through contacts from the last trip. So, if you are visiting Alanya in July I will be somewhere near the central Souk.

This exhibition has come right in the middle of my preparations for the grand opening of the first international showing of the long awaited 'Trans Mongolian Railway' exhibition. This first leg will take place at a gallery in Lisboa, Portugal in September. Busy times ahead but I will keep you posted.

Setting up the exhibition single-handed - with glass in hand of course.

Discussing the finer points of my work with members of the public.


Rob Innis said...

Hi TJ - traveling as always - great blog of your over on TIM

SOFIA said...

interesting blog