Saturday, May 5, 2007

Equilibrium Interrupted

This week I thought I would subject you all to some of my poetry for a change. Hope you like it....

Equilibrium Interrupted

Like a counterweight unbalanced
and distanced from the centre point
Centri - fugued half beats
offset at orchestration’s core

Like helter - skeltered spirals
and descended to hell’s depths itself
Concentric inward circles known
only in memories now finally left

Like the mind’s eye blinded
and dittoed by the mental degradation
Concentrated by watered down thoughts
oft held aloft by knowing looks and loathing

Like dementia laden bovine
and dented cells encased in cotton wool
Countered words are all around
occulted by the flashes of occasional sanity

Like a Saturday morning head
and the graphic recollection reel
Cantankerous in our deploring
obliterated by mass hysteria’s publicists

Like a painting skewed awry
and amputated dreams cut away from hope
Chastising mental illness robs us
opinions split as wide as the mind concerned

Like a prized melon sluiced
and sold by the pounded portion
Charitable notions abounded
onward step the ignorant footed foes

Like all I have endured entombed
and still no sense of final scene played out
Calling out for help is lost
on the breezes sighing breathlessness

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