Monday, May 28, 2007

Crowds flock to the show to meet TJ

Well - The Homes And Gardens Show is over! An exhausting but rewarding two days of meeting people from all points along the Costa Blanca. My thanks to Judy Webber, director of The Fusion Gallery - - for the invite and, more importantly, for her much warranted support over the weekend. Not to mention the unfailing dedication of her second in command BegoƱa who tirelessly kept up our flagging spirits with a kind word and lots of encouragement. It was also wonderful to see the international artist Eric Zilverberg - - again. We have a lot to catch up on and I look forward to meeting up with him on my return from Germany.

I wish to say a big thank you to all who attended and showed an interest in mine and other artists’ works on the stand. Your comments were wonderful and greatly appreciated. Quite often an artist doesn’t get to hear directly from the public as they tend to spend so much time in isolation, so it was a welcome change to get such positive feedback on such a large scale (I estimate we had upwards of a thousand people through the stand over the two days!).

Special thanks goes, of course, to Heidi Wardman of the Round Town News for her perfectly timed article in the paper which brought so many TJ fans to the show. I was overwhelmed by the amount of visitors who had come specifically to meet me and see my latest works in the flesh, so to speak.

Also, I wish to thank a couple of visitors to the show who purchased the limited edition print I donated to the charity auction. Maggie and Pete - your generosity was amazing! I thank you so much and hope you enjoy the picture for many years of retirement to come.

Finally, although the paintings put on show were actually meant to get their first viewing in Hamburg (Judy insisted we exhibit them in the show as soon as she saw them), I have to say the positive reactions received over the images have encouraged me to publish them here for all the viewers of this blog to have a peek at as well. A sort of pre-exhibition if you like. If any of my regular readers happen to be in the Hamburg area in the next week, I would be delighted if you called in to the gallery on the opening night (Friday 8th June) and said hello.

'Breaking The Habit' 50cm x 61cm

'To A Silent Assembly' 50cm x 61cm

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lynz said...

Hi there, just read your blog of the garden show and it sounds like a good day, had I been I spain I would have attended. I am very interested in your art and would appreciate your updates on any up and coming exhibitions throughout Ireland if possible so that I might go have a look. Thanks!