Thursday, October 25, 2007

A walk in The Park Of Nations

A walk in The Park Of Nations (115cm x 75cm approx.)

I Have decided to put one of my own latest paintings up today for perusal. It's for a potential joint international exhibition here in Spain yet to be confirmed.

It's based on a walk I made recently through my local park in Torrevieja. The park in question is called 'The Park of Nations' and depicts the multi-cultural city in which I live. The small lake in the middle of the park is shaped like the map of Europe and the visiting families can take a boat out on the water and 'circumnavigate' Europe in about five minutes without getting seasick! Often used for concerts and events, it is a wonderful mix of languages, culture and a riot of colours which I find most pleasing to the eye.

I tried to capture the vibrancy and movement of the park in this painting as I felt it while out walking. As usual, the photo doesn't really do it any justice as it's more of a three dimensional piece, and therefore best seen in the flesh.

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