Saturday, October 20, 2007

Vibrant African Art

link to Kudakwashe Gavi

I received an email from an African artist - Kudakwashe Gavi - today looking for advice as he prepares to exhibit outside Africa for the first time. I have pasted his email and my answer, along with one of his excellent images here. His work is wonderful. I think he will go far!

Hallo TJ Miles

My name is kudakwashe, I am a young artist from Zimbabwe in the southern part of Africa,but now I am based in cape town south Africa. Marion Zimmerman gave me your details, she told me that you had an exhibition in June, how did it go? I hope it was good.

The reason I'm writing is that I am looking for an artist that has exhibited at The Marziart Gallery in Germany to critique my work and maybe give me some advice on what to improve or to work on.

I will be exhibiting at Marziart studios next year in October and it will be my first solo exhibition, I am very excited. I have attached some artworks for you to look at. Please, I'm asking you to help me build my art. I will be happy to hear from you, I'm also looking forward to your reply. I was on your website and must say your work is amazing.

Kind regards from Africa

Kudakwashe Gavi

Hello Kudakwashe
Many thanks for your kind comments about my work. My exhibition went extremely well, with a number of sales during the month. Well worth the effort.
I can recommend Hamburg as a city worth visiting if you are planning to go, and Marion will make you feel extremely welcome I'm sure. I think you will have a very successful exhibition with your wonderful paintings.
I don't think you need any advice with the quality of painting you are producing. You have a great mix of colours and movement, and both mixed together create a vibrancy that is exciting to look at. I really like them, especially as colour is my thing.
I think Marion will be thrilled to exhibit your highly evocative artwork.

Good luck for the exhibition next year!!
Let me know how it goes.
Best wishes

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