Monday, June 29, 2009


Today is the day I make the first step of the journey.
As my flight doesn't leave until late in the day I have been taking in my last bit of sun to carry me through until my return. As always I hate to waste time, so while I was lying there I had images, words and phrases popping into my head as usual. As I sizzled and shortened my life, I wrote a short poem to sum up the day. It's called 'The Last Sunbathing'. A nice way to start the journey......


Looking up I survey the pock marked azure
Of a tie-dyed sky scarred by aeroplane trails
The sonic boom’s an intrusive roar
That catches the wind on it’s fixed metal sails

I blot out the sun with my thumb at a glance
While the heat beats down upon my worn skin
Squeezing each second from my last naked chance
And lying back sweating I breathe it’s rays in

Demarcation lines fading away
With each toasted minute under microwave glare
The zenith is mirrored in the heat of the day
Reflected in light of celestial flare

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Theresa Durant said...

...and you are a poet as well...amazing you are T J Miles!